Upcoming Events

Each year we strive to bring in a large and diverse music selection from classic rock, current rock, country, and even a little blue grass.

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Date Who Time
Sun. May. 24th John Schwab 2pm - 6pm
Sun. May. 24th These Guys Live 8pm - 12am
Mon. May. 25th The Trains 3pm - 7pm
Tue. May. 26th Annie Hawe 6pm - 9pm
Wed. May. 27th Trivia Night w/ Dan n Randy 7pm - 9pm
Thu. May. 28th Brad Moore 6pm - 9pm
Fri. May. 29th Grassinine 8pm - 12am
Sat. May. 30th AJ Angelo 2pm - 6pm
Sat. May. 30th HB7 8pm - 12am
Sun. May. 31st Hillbilly Deluxe 3pm - 7pm
Mon. Jun. 1st Rick Barr 6pm - 9pm
Tue. Jun. 2nd Kyle Lewis 6pm - 9pm
Wed. Jun. 3rd Trivia Night w/ Dan n Randy 7pm - 9pm
Thu. Jun. 4th Just Randy 6pm - 9pm
Fri. Jun. 5th Nate McDonough Band 8pm - 12am
Sat. Jun. 6th John Andrews 2pm - 6pm
Sat. Jun. 6th Soul Kitchen 8pm - 12am
Sun. Jun. 7th Chris Logsdon 2pm - 7pm
Mon. Jun. 8th Randy Goin 6pm - 9pm
Tue. Jun. 9th Holes in my Soles 6pm - 9pm